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No Update Today

No Update Today published on 7 Comments on No Update Today

Sick artist = no can draw.  XP Hopefully this won’t last long, I wanted to get started on a Halloween storyline on Monday!  We’ll see how that goes.

Also, I’m curious: How many of you participate in Halloween?  And what are you dressing up as? 😛


Your sick too? Dang. Well, get better soon!

As for Halloween? It’s starting to fade away for me. Though I’ll still dress up to hand out candy and stuff to whoever comes to our house. I just throw together some kind of costume from whatever I got. This year I plan on being Mr. Green from Clue. I have a green suit and everything, too!

Heh I just turned 18 and I’m planning on going out trick or treating. 😛
For a costume I’m going to be really cheap this year and just wear my flightsuit (which I already own), and I’m going to wear my bike helmet with a paper sign taped to it saying “Maverick”. 😛

I wish you feel better soon and that your illness cures.

And unfortunately we live in the middle of a forest in a private neighborhood with no kids in it. There is no point for us to do anything Halloween related other than family in this case. Hehe.

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