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So Here We Go…

So Here We Go… published on 15 Comments on So Here We Go…

Hey everyone. Its been a while, huh? I hope you’re all doing well.

I’ve rather let things fall apart here so I’m sorry for that. Things have been kind of a mess, though at the same time they’ve been great, I’ve been on a see-saw path for the past few months; something good will happen, then something bad, then something good…Its really put a damper on anything I’d planned to do, which is why I’ve been so lax (if you could call it that) on the updates here.

I’ve honestly thought about quitting the comic entirely. I don’t like putting up terrible, half-hearted things, as I’ve done before (and people have pointed out how they didn’t like that), and I don’t want to just stop drawing FW and his friends entirely. I don’t have the time to devote to it currently that I’d like to have either. Its depressing on a lot of levels.

I’ve read through a lot of the comments, at least the ones from the past month or so, and I suppose I could make a compromise. Instead of ending things or going on haitus again, maybe I could just draw…Whatever and put it up here? That means rather random things, and probably an end to storyline stuff for a while, but any update is a good update, right? I can’t promise twice a week, or even once a week, but I’ll try to not let this site be as dead as it has been. Maybe this will spark something in me and get me going back on the right path with things.

Would you all like that?

Whoever’s still around, thanks for checking in at least, and I hope to sometime soon make you all smile along with Forest and the rest of the gang again.


I have no problem with this idea at all. As you said, any update is a good update, so long as you do not end entirely, I am sure people will stay satisfied. You may eventually feel up to writing the story some more, but you are not obligated to. Just draw whatever makes you enjoy yourself and I am sure your readers will have no complaints. :3

thats the spirit i have had sites i follow gust quit all the time (at-least one every 2 weeks) and you are so much more talented. I wold hate for this talent to be waisted, I know from my past trys at guitar that i was fluent in the “language” of it for a year then i got lazzy and lost the ability to play almost entirely. But let this be a warning to you and all who read this

” once you ring the bell of defeat or the thought even came out no one can convince you not even yourself to preserver”

I say go for it. I have no problems if you decided to do one shot comics for I have enjoyed reading the comic, and this is just another aspect of your creative workings. As for a sporadic update schedule to me is no problem just post when decide to post. Us as fans will still follow you as long as you decide to post your works

It’s understandable, considering that life puts a bullet into your chest because its challenges are only too great. Don’t let it get to you though because when you experience hardship, you may later find ease. Things are going to get better for you and it WILL somehow, though it may seem as if it’s never going to happen. While you prioritize whatever you need, we’ll be here giving our most sincere support.

As for the random updates, that’s fine because most of things you post are entertaining anyway!

I’ll put it this way. I think I’ve said this before but I read another online comic called WTF comic. That guy updates that comic once every one or two months or so. Yet I still read his work and visit the site every day (He doesn’t have a set day he updates so I’m left guessing.) So I’m fine with whatever you come up with. Your really talented and I would hate for you to give up after all you’ve done. We all have our slumps at times and it seems that life likes to pick on people when they’re down for some odd reason.

I’m fine with whatever you do. As long as your willing to have us along for the journey, I think we’ll stick around till the very end…and maybe then some. So go ahead and draw whatever it is you plan on drawing and I’ll continue to hit the refresh button until something new comes up. ^_^

Do what you need to do, since it is your comic.

Doing an occasional sketch or doodle with the characters is actually fun, because you have always had some neat ideas in short form.

Personally I really enjoy the comic and while it’s ultimately your choice I still would hope and love to see it continue.

Ctrl alt del uses animation techniques. to make the comics as quickly as he does. Look up “chibi” facial expressions. I’d recommend things like Manga moods, Chris Hart, things like that. I honestly think you could pull it off. It takes less time 3hrs to make a completed page instead of 3hrs for a pencil sketch. It might free up some time for other creative or scholarly efforts. Cut and paste is speedy, and it looks good, but you also loose some of the flexibility and unique charm.

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