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An update on things

An update on things published on 5 Comments on An update on things

Well, my father’s out of the hospital, though he can barely walk at all, so he requires constant help getting food and drink and everything. He’ll probably be like this for the next month or so, with home visits from a nurse, so things are rather expensive and stressful now since he can’t work and doesn’t have the sick time to cover all of this. I’ve barely had time to myself let alone to draw, so my plan for this Friday’s update sort of fell through. I’d scheduled some time off for next week, but with my dad like this it looks like I’ll be helping him out instead of trying to relax.

In short, I’m really not sure when I can get the updates going regularly again. Life just sorta comes in and messes with your plans and it really really sucks sometimes.

Sorry again everyone, I hope to get back to things soon.


In my book, “Family First!” Don’t worry about an update right now. Having taken care of my maternal grandparents, and just having had some surgery myself in April to (hopefully) rid myself of some nasty stuff, I know the importance of helping those in need.

So take care of your dad and yourself, and put the comic on hold.

Any proper soul/spirit crushing elephant in the room should be pink. Oh well, best of luck to you, and may your parental unit regenerate quickly.

Since you are doing so much for him maybe you could convince your dad to be your helper. I’m sure he wouldn’t mind some busy work while in recovery, it might reduce stress for all parties concerned.

I know you probably don’t read these after a certain amount of time has past, but I saw your twitter feed and thought if your are really interested in facial expressions there are books by Paul Eckman and Daniel Goleman I could recommend… you could be counter signaling

Yet, for artistic purposes I think I already mentioned “Manga Moods” and Christopher Hart’s Chibi manual. if you have a kindle I recommend going for the free sample. also there are documentaries you might like to watch. For instance “why dogs smile and chimpanzees cry.”

Rent them from your library if you like.

You’d be surprised, I do read every comment people make on here, no matter when they make it. 😛 Unless it gets caught by the spam filter of course.

I have a few Christopher Hart books, and I do need to go over them again…Along with a few other anatomy books, just because I’m so terribly out of practice. My life doesn’t lend itself well to developing artistic skills I’m afraid. :\

Thank you for the advice though!

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