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Slight comic delay?

Slight comic delay? published on No Comments on Slight comic delay?

Well, things kinda got messed up so the comic is back to square one. I’ll try to get it done today (Tuesday) after work but we’ll see how that goes. XP I’m also trying to work on this “Two Updates a Week” thing, and so far I’ve only been able to manage one. Hmm.

I would very much like to do two color comics a week, but I’m just not sure I can currently handle that. I think my style has improved, but in improving its become a bit more time consuming, so while the final product looks better it takes more time to get to that point. I could potentially do one color and one black and white a week, but that seems a bit of a cop out.

In any case, sorry for the delay, hopefully a new comic on Tuesday here, and maybe (hopefully) Friday as well!

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