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#19 – Finally Made It!

#19 – Finally Made It! published on 8 Comments on #19 – Finally Made It!

And so FW finally makes it to class!  But a new problem arises!  :O

Believe me, its not fun to have your name said wrong.  It happens to me all the time, even though mine is fairly simple I’d think.  I say if you’ve got some long, confusing name (such as the one in the comic), you might as well just sound it out for them.  Unless you enjoy watching people struggle valiantly at trying to pronounce it, all the while staring with a smug expression while they desperately try to apologize for butchering it completely.

…And no, I haven’t done that before.  >_>;

PS – I hope its at least somewhat obvious that he walked right into the classroom without looking up.  I’m trying to learn, I really am!  D:


#18 – “I’m not too short, you’re too tall!”

#18 – “I’m not too short, you’re too tall!” published on 10 Comments on #18 – “I’m not too short, you’re too tall!”

Aaaaand I’m back!  :)  Feeling better and with a new comic!

I used to have to say this a lot back when I was in grade school, I wasn’t the tallest person, and everyone always seemed to be taller than me.

Course I grew pretty quickly, so I soon ended up about…Above average height I think.  I’m juuuuust under 6 feet (5’11”), so…You know, is that above average height?  It always seemed about average to me… XD


#17 – Looks Like Somebody’s Been Drinking Their Milk…

#17 – Looks Like Somebody’s Been Drinking Their Milk… published on 11 Comments on #17 – Looks Like Somebody’s Been Drinking Their Milk…

Remember, its 8 glasses a day!  😀  Or is that just for water?  Oh, and then what if you’re lactose intolerant…

And that’s why you don’t see me on any of those “Drink Milk” posters with a milk moustache, lol.  ;P  I do drink a lot of it myself though…

Anyway, here’s a new character in the story!  Which doesn’t look good for FW here, since he already doesn’t like him.  Maybe I should have called the series “Everybody Loves FW”?  Ah, well, we’ll see where things go from here.  And if FW can ever actually make it to school today!


#16 – Lucky He Didn’t Get Stepped On…

#16 – Lucky He Didn’t Get Stepped On… published on 12 Comments on #16 – Lucky He Didn’t Get Stepped On…

I mean, really, he’s laying around in the middle of the hallway!  Honestly!  ;P

You know in horror, action, or, heck, basically any movie there is, when someone says “At least things can’t get any worse” or some variation thereof, and things just immediately plummet from there?

Yeah.  That’s why I never say it, lol.


#15 – Aaaaaand He’s Safe!!

#15 – Aaaaaand He’s Safe!! published on 5 Comments on #15 – Aaaaaand He’s Safe!!

Haha, wow…I’m not sure which is worse, being chased all the way to school and barely making it through the front door, or the fact that the guy chasing you didn’t even break a sweat doing so!

Come to think of it, I should take up running again.  I bought a whole set of things to run with, but never really did much besides going to run once around a lake nearby here.  I almost died, not to mention I was chased by ducks half the way.  They’re evil I tell you!  D:

Still, it would do wonders for my health and energy levels I bet…Which would mean more energy to draw with!  And not feeling sickly so much.  :\