Updates that happen on Wednesday! Usually Youtube videos and links to funny pictures and such.

Wednesday Update #46

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Wednesday Update #46

Alright, new Wednesday Update! A short one today, busy busy busy.

In case you haven’t noticed, there’s a new Fan Art page up! Its using a gallery format I might make for the Downloads page too, but that’d take some time to adapt. I know there’s not much in the Fan Art section now, but once I get things sorted and get permission to post them, there should be a decent amount of pictures up there. :)

In case anyone wants to submit anything, just make sure to follow the directions on the Fan Art page for submitting work!

Anyway, a video or two after the break!

La la laaaa

Wednesday Update #45

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Wednesday Update #45

Hey everyone! Hope your midweek day is going well! Halfway to the weekend!

In the meantime, perhaps you might enjoy having some fun with the 3D Dot Game Heroes “Make Your Own Hero” flash editor! It basically lets you create, very easily using only your mouse, your own characters just like what you can do in the soon-to-be-released game 3D Dot Game Heroes!

Click here to get started! and don’t forget to share yours with us in the forums!

You can find a sample I did after the jump!

Just a hop, skip, and a jump

Wednesday Update #43

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Wednesday Update #43

Okay! I said I had something lined up for tonight…

And I do! 😛 This is something I’ve been wanting to try out for a while now, and just never thought I’d be able to. So, I’d like to actually draw while anyone who wanted to watched!

FW!A TV on Ustream

I’ll be starting on the sketches for Friday’s comic, then moving on to the next KH page I think, and if I’m awake enough to continue. I’m hoping to go for about an hour.

Some rules:

-I have a zero tolerance policy for arguing/rudeness/other stuff in the chat. If you want to argue or fight with someone, go somewhere else and do it. I will immediately kick out anyone who’s causing problems.

-I’m drawing! So that means I can’t chat that much. 😛 I will be glancing at it every now and then though, so feel free to leave me a mesage or two.

I think that’s about it! Next time I do this, I’ll try to announce it sooner. I just wasn’t sure when I’d be around tonight (and as you can see, its kinda late). Anyway! Stream will be up in a few minutes!