Comics from 2012.


Random Episode – Sad Face

Random Episode – Sad Face published on 12 Comments on Random Episode – Sad Face

Wow, its been forever, hasn’t it? I feel so darn rusty at this. I hope you’re all doing well. This was inspired by recent events (Mouse has been kinda down) so, you know…Try to cheer a friend up when they’re down! 😀 Or just hide the problem till it solves itself. Either or.


Random Episode – Suggestion Box: “Nopy”

Random Episode – Suggestion Box: “Nopy” published on 6 Comments on Random Episode – Suggestion Box: “Nopy”

Nope, not gonna do it. XD This wasn’t so much a “Suggestion” as an idea that someone hinted at (playfully, I assume) as a means to get the comic started back up again. I don’t think I’ll ever understand the obsession with them. XP But anyway! I think I’m getting the hang of this again!… Continue reading Random Episode – Suggestion Box: “Nopy”


Random Episode – Rabbit Food

Random Episode – Rabbit Food published on 10 Comments on Random Episode – Rabbit Food

Hah! Kyle being Kyle. Nothing’s really changed in my time away from things. 😛 Course neither has Bee’s short temper. I wonder how they’re still friends even? XD Hope everyone’s been doing well! I’ve been thinking about rearranging the update schedule to something that works better with my new schedule at work and home; right… Continue reading Random Episode – Rabbit Food


Random Episode – This has happened to me before

Random Episode – This has happened to me before published on 9 Comments on Random Episode – This has happened to me before

Yeeeeeaaah, I have weird dreams. XD I’m thinking about trying to tweet them when I wake up, but some of them defy logic and/or description. Course, it doesn’t help that I’ve actually had this happen to me in real life too! I once saw someone in the store who looked like me, and I asked… Continue reading Random Episode – This has happened to me before


#226 – Twitterpatted

#226 – Twitterpatted published on 8 Comments on #226 – Twitterpatted

Aaaand we’re back to the main story! I think. Hopefully. Anyway! Poor FW is trying, really he is, but its rather distracting to be right next to your crush like this, and worse, try to work on something boring at the same time. Course, it helps that he just likes hearing the sound of her… Continue reading #226 – Twitterpatted