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#1 – The Start of Something Great?

#1 – The Start of Something Great? published on 7 Comments on #1 – The Start of Something Great?

I remember when we first moved when I was younger…It was during the summer, and I’d much rather be out playing then packing all my stuff into boxes and loading it in a truck.  Furthermore, we moved away from all of my friends I lived nearby, to the middle of nowhere basically (okay, not completely true, but I was young at the time, it certainly felt like it!).  It was both exciting, scary, and depressing all at the same time, something I’m sure our friend here can relate to.


Sadly, I’ve never been able to share the experience of “Moving away from everyone you know”, otherwise I might be able to better emphathize with it.. But every end tends to be a new beginning, and whatnot. And sometimes we have to stop and realize that without change, we wouldn’t be who we are today! :) As I’m sure our friend will indeed learn, someday. :) A great, classic start I believe. Good job!


hola estaba viendo tu galería de FA y me encontré con esta pagina XP, la historia en si parece interesante pero de casualidad no la tienes también en español?
es que me gustaría el poder entenderla bien, bueno esa era mi duda XDDD

in english:

Hi I was watching your gallery FA and I found this page XP, the story itself is interesting but also have it not happen in Spanish?
is that I like being able to understand it, well that was my question XDDD

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