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#238 – Trouble in Paradise

#238 – Trouble in Paradise published on 22 Comments on #238 – Trouble in Paradise

Whew, back again! XP And looks like Bee’s not -quite- as happy with the tickets as FW is…Er, was anyway. I wonder if Lex knew this might happen?

Sorry for the lack of updates folks, still trying to get things going properly. This is harder than it looks, honest! XD

And now for the music of the, uh, week/weekend I suppose!

Junip – To the Grain

Have a great weekend everyone! :)


I have loved this comic but it is over a I know you had to quit your family needed you and I am glad. I am fan that is 11 years old that loved every comic on this website I don’t have a facebook or a twiter so I don’t know how you are but thanks for the lols I loved the raven my mom is a fan of Poe and I am to now that it is over say when you go to this web site it is over
Thank you so much

3 years? Did the comic get moved to another site??? Just found this comic today and it’s already done? GAHHHHh… teach me to check for latest comic so I don’t get my hopes up… grr

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