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#46 – They Need Some Crossing Signs or Something…

#46 – They Need Some Crossing Signs or Something… published on 20 Comments on #46 – They Need Some Crossing Signs or Something…

Whew…Have some trouble one day, and the next time you try to draw you’re all out of practice. XP Apologies folks, regular updates from now on!

In any case, isn’t it amazing how just one friend can brighten up your day? Seeing a cheerful face can make all your troubles seem insignificant in comparison!

And then you get stampeded by life. Ah well. 😛


Yikes…I knew how that was like back in highschool 😛 The hallways never seem to be wide enough for the lunch rush O_o

Nope! It was pretty bad at my school too, cause they never seemed to have enough food during lunch to feed everyone, so if you got in line late not only would it take you most of the lunch period to -get- anything to eat, you’d end up with something gross like a dried up burrito or something. XP

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