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#81 – …In Which We Find Out That He Doesn’t Like Trees.

#81 – …In Which We Find Out That He Doesn’t Like Trees. published on 62 Comments on #81 – …In Which We Find Out That He Doesn’t Like Trees.

This one is just silly… XD

Its a little known fact that Damien and trees just don’t get along. No one’s sure why exactly (that might be because I keep forgetting to ask) but they’re up to something! Nothing stands around for that long in one place unless there’s a reason for it. D:

Oh, he also doesn’t like ponies either. Or was it horses? πŸ˜›

Hope everyone’s week went well! And weekend too! :) I hope to get the KH comic up sometime today, hopefully soon. I’ll update this post, and make another one in the News feed for when its up as a voting incentive.

EDIT: New Voting Incentive now up! πŸ˜€


It was indeed ponies… x3 And it’s true! The trees -are- up to something! There’s just so many of them..everywhere.. >.>

…Its like the shopping cart conspiracy!

Sometimes you catch them at it…They’re very good at stopping and pretending to be innocuous inanimate objects…But whenever you catch them out at night away from the supermarkets, they’re plotting their world domination!

Maybe they’re enemies of the Tree Conspiracy. Or allies. *shudder*

The is always a constant struggle between canines and trees. It may be a bit one-sided, but still a struggle.

oh noz! i forgot to comment last time D: aw well, hey is Damien part Dwarf? (cookies and milk for the one who gets the ref)

I know that there are plenty of people with grudges against trees. In fact, I used to live in a town where there were virtually no living trees to be seen, and it was a very, very small town (I suspect arborophobia (fear of trees), which causes people to go around murdering trees. Couldn’t have been industral pollution, since the population was only 30,000.) Now, I moved somewhere with approximately 800 times the population, and there are literally rows of trees between the sidewalks and the streets. Maybe there should be an organization called Arborophobes Anonymous, for all those people with such a hatred of trees.

Note: Using the suffix “phobia” to imply a hatred of something, much in the same way that people use the terms “xenophobia” (fear of things not like yourself) and “homophobia” (fear of homosexual people) to imply a hate of those things. (Just because I overexplain things)

I thought the prefix “Xeno-” meant “people” as in the fear of people? maybe I’m wrong… (Just googled it, you’re right! guess it’s anthropophobia… everything I knew is a liiiiiiiie!) and my doctor was wrong! HA! *winner*

“He talks to the TREE’s, but they don’t trust him, you see….”

Maybe it’s due to the way Damien’s been watering them πŸ˜‰

Is the tree alive or is Kyle up there?! Either way I’m frightened!

How do you tell if a tree is asleep or awake? If it stands still, conducting photosynthesis, its asleep. If its running around, screaming and eating people, then it is awake!

I know they make oxygen and purify the air, but can they really be trusted?

Case in point:

I wish I could say that this is the only killer tree movie, but sadly I can’t… D:

Oh wow, I love old movies like that! XD

How do you avoid a killer tree?

DON’T GO NEAR IT!! C’mon, it moves like at old granny walking speed! It’d never catch you, lol.

Ha ha! Yeah! That and “The Navy vs the Night Monsters” are so bad that they are just awesome! Who would make a monster out of trees? They just want to be hugged!

I will admit, there is one good killer tree movie. “Little Otik” (aka “OtesΓ‘nek”) has “tree-stump baby” that pulls food to its self with tentacle-like roots on its body! And that’s not even the creepiest thing about that movie!

YES! I love FW’s duds! πŸ˜› I used to have a snowboarding jacket like that too… then I lost it… hey, give it back! lol I go for walks like that about every other night, except with more trees and less (no) sidewalk. So… when’s someone gonna make a deal about FW’s new collar? hmm? Ah… have they seen Kyle besides in the “filler”? Was that even en-canon? Maybe I should be more concerned with the thinking tree…

Sneaky Mouse reports in that FW’s collar has already been explained in the comic.

Oh! Not that it needs to be explained, just that no one else in the comic seems to have noticed it. FW sure acted like it was going to be really embarrassing or something… hence it being part of a bet, right? Maybe not…

Okay, here goes! Technically, FW hasn’t been around anyone else besides Mouse and the twins and Damien again, in this comic. The one with Rammstein actually takes place on Father’s day, but since its still Fall, that hasn’t happened yet. So once he heads back to school, maybe somebody might notice.

He talked to Kyle on the phone afterall, so there’s no way he could have seen it. Also notice how he’s trying to hide it under his shirt a little? Granted, the thing’s huge so there’s not much chance of hiding it, but he’s still trying. XD

Hmm… still think his sisters might’ve thought something of it… then again, all the ruckus with Mouse could’ve distracted them! Truly a master of not obvious objective hiding! (prolly not the words I was looking for but… you know what I mean XD)

you know to be dead honest,ive never seen a black fox,only orange,weird……

Hehe, I feel the same way about all those trees… It’s like they’re watching me. *shakes out of fear*

This is a good one! I like FW’s jacket btw too! :3
And as for my art… er… it’s not pretty… ^^; As soon as I draw something that doesn’t make my own eyes try to rip themselves out, I’d like to show you! That okay? πŸ˜›

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