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#… -Wait, what happened??

#… -Wait, what happened?? published on 2 Comments on #… -Wait, what happened??

Where have I been? Where have I been??

(clears his throat and fixes his glasses) Let me tell you the tale young ones, just gather around now…

Hehe, actually, just been, well…Busy I guess would be a good word. XP You know how when things get so chaotic and stressed and you just feel like life’s crushing you from all sides? Yeah. So has FW. ;P

Finished with school for now (yay!), did pretty well in my classes too! So, hopefully, I’ll have much more time to doodle and draw and generally come up with things to show you all and (hopefully again) make you smile. :) Cause that’s what you’re all here for, right?

First time drawing an elephant too, and completely from memory! Not so bad I think…I think I’ll call it the Stresselephant. All one word like that, you have to say it fast. Try it, its fun! Really! 😀


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