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Weekly Wednesday Questions – Introduction

Weekly Wednesday Questions – Introduction published on 9 Comments on Weekly Wednesday Questions – Introduction

Welcome to Wednesday Questions!

Okay, here we go! Welcome to the first of (hopefully) many Weekly Wednesday Questions! Here you’ll be able to ask most anything, from questions to me about the site, to questions for a specific character. From the list I’ll take a few and draw out some responses for the following week. I think it’ll be great fun, provided everyone remembers a few guidelines:

1. Keep it clean!
2. Questions here won’t affect the comic! So asking Bee something like “Do you know FW likes you?” won’t change the fact that she’s a bit clueless in the comic still.
3. Don’t always expect a straight answer! The character might not know what you’re talking about even, or might just want to give a silly reply. We’ll see how it goes. 😛

…I think that’s all I can think of for now. XD So! Feel free to ask away. Later on I might limit which of the cast you can ask questions of, but for now feel free to ask anyone! :)

Technical Difficulties… u_u

Technical Difficulties… u_u published on 2 Comments on Technical Difficulties… u_u

I’m upset by this, more on it later I guess. Hope to have it all sorted out tomorrow though, but no comic today.

Oh, and if you’re shipping computer parts/accessories of any kind, PLEASE make sure that the packaging they’re in is sturdy enough to withstand normal shipping conditions. XP

Just a tip if anyone ends up selling stuff online! XP