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#238 – Trouble in Paradise

#238 – Trouble in Paradise published on 22 Comments on #238 – Trouble in Paradise

Whew, back again! XP And looks like Bee’s not -quite- as happy with the tickets as FW is…Er, was anyway. I wonder if Lex knew this might happen?

Sorry for the lack of updates folks, still trying to get things going properly. This is harder than it looks, honest! XD

And now for the music of the, uh, week/weekend I suppose!

Junip – To the Grain

Have a great weekend everyone! :)


Filler Episode – “When you’re with me, everything’s alright”

Filler Episode – “When you’re with me, everything’s alright” published on 4 Comments on Filler Episode – “When you’re with me, everything’s alright”

Hello everyone! I hope you’ve been doing well.

I’ve not been handling things too well around here. I’ve been lax on updates, and honestly haven’t felt like putting pen to virtual paper for quite a while now; my dad being in and out of the hospital, our (my family’s) dog having to be put down, money troubles…I hate having to skip updates due to my physical/emotional state, but it can’t be helped really. I could keep you all more informed, but I don’t like complaining about things really.

I was feeling pretty down the other day, and happened to run across a cover from a song from a game I’d played through, “To the Moon”, and it just got to me. I haven’t had such a heart wrenching moment in quite a while, and I couldn’t help but try to draw something based off of it. Surprisingly, it didn’t turn out as melancholy as I was feeling, in fact it turned out rather cheery and hopeful, which is surprising…I just can’t seem to help it when it comes to FW and the others; they just bring a smile to my face whenever I think of them.

Here’s the result of said drawing, with a link to a larger version here.

The song I was listening to is here:

It has a link to the original song as well in the description, I think it helps to listen to that first. But this cover of it really got to me…

I’m going to keep trying, despite things going on around me. Short steps, one at a time.


#233 – Unfair Teams

#233 – Unfair Teams published on 5 Comments on #233 – Unfair Teams

Damien seems to think Forest has it a bit easier than he does! Which is probably true, knowing Kyle, lol. And Bee really seems to be warmly up more to the wolf! Things are looking up for FW. :) Maybe this whole project thing will go well after all!

I hope you all had a great week! And to end it off, here’s a song I’ve been listening to this week:

Thomas Bergensen – Aura

Something epic for you all! This music makes me want to work more on my Kingdom Hearts comic even. Hopefully I’ll have time to!

Take care everyone! :)


#229 – Redirection

#229 – Redirection published on 19 Comments on #229 – Redirection

He’s got a valid point! She didn’t seem to say anything about herself, just her family. I wonder why exactly?

And for everyone asking: Yes, that’s an Easter egg around her neck, the same color as her fur! XD I can’t believe no one really asked about it earlier, its been there since Bee showed up, lol.

In other news! Sorry this is late, this has not been the week for comic making. But I did get it done, technically in time; its still Friday here! Also! Might do something special tomorrow, maybe try to stream again, we’ll see. :) See you all Tuesday regardless!


#227 – You Should Try Them, They’re Great

#227 – You Should Try Them, They’re Great published on 7 Comments on #227 – You Should Try Them, They’re Great

Well at least Forest is honest! Hopefully this’ll lead to Bee opening up to him more. Or vice versa. Or maybe they’ll just go eat cookies, then everyone wins. 😛

I hope everyone’s had a great week! Mine’s been…Something else. XD But I’m hanging in there! Hope to see you all this Tuesday with another update!